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Augustana College

Campus Strategies was selected to facilitate the financial segment of a board retreat for Augustana College. The objectives for the retreat were to educate the board on the financial and operational issues confronting the College and create a framework in which investment strategies could be explored. The initial portion of the program included a presentation and dialogue focused on issues of particular concern to Augustana. The latter portion consisted of a facilitated examination of competing investment strategies.

College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

Campus Strategies was selected to review the strategic issues facing the College. The effort was focused on identifying the challenges being faced currently by the College and its various operating units. The project involved consultation with various stakeholders including academic administrators, faculty, departmental support staff, and representatives of the various service units within the College. The project deliverables include a series of recommendations designed to prepare the College to succeed in a climate with significantly reduced public support and increased reliance on self-generated revenues.

Eckerd College

Campus Strategies conducted an operational review of the financial and administrative activities underway at Eckerd. The project involved consultation with a wide range of College stakeholders including trustees, senior administrators, faculty leaders, support staff, and contract service providers. The project resulted in the issuance of a confidential report to the president with recommendations on organizational changes designed to enhance overall operations, as well as a broader report containing recommendations on both strategic and tactical opportunities facing Eckerd.

Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education / Kentucky State University

Campus Strategies was selected to participate in a comprehensive review of Kentucky State University's operational and strategic activities. Under the direction of Baker & Hostetler, the project manager, Campus Strategies reviewed the adequacy of financial resources and the manner in which they are being deployed by Kentucky State University. The project involved extensive interviews and analysis of background materials. The deliverable for the project is a comprehensive report with both strategic and operational recommendations designed to enhance the overall effectiveness of the University’s resource allocation decisions.

University of Hartford / Day, Berry & Howard LLP

Campus Strategies' President Larry Goldstein served as an expert witness in litigation involving the University of Hartford and one of its support organizations. The effort involved extensive research as well as the review of financial records, correspondence, agreements, and various University documents to formulate opinions about the University’s practices. The objectives for this project were to determine whether the University had (1) complied with generally accepted accounting principles in preparing and issuing its financial statements and (2) utilized appropriate practices with respect to the management, accounting, and reporting of gifts and endowment assets. Testimony was offered at trial. The University received a favorable ruling on all material issues.

University of Vermont

Campus Strategies conducted an operational review of the financial and administrative environment at UVM. This effort was undertaken at the request of the recently appointed president and resulted in a comprehensive assessment of the existing organizational structure and the policy environment for conducting the University’s business. The project deliverables include a series of recommendations which have been widely distributed on campus, as well as a confidential report developed for the exclusive use of the president.


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