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Campus Strategies, LLC assists colleges and universities in improving effectiveness by offering services in four primary areas: strategic and operational planning, strategic resource allocation (e.g., program prioritization), resource management model development, and assessments of finance and administrative operations. In many cases, our role is to facilitate and provide technical support to task forces established to carry out major activities. In other cases (e.g., operational assessments), the effort is more independent and does not require a task force.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Preparing your institution for the future happens only through effective planning. With a planful approach, you can manage proactively rather than merely respond to issues and events that are thrust upon you. Campus Strategies can facilitate a collaborative planning process designed specifically for your campus. Using this process your institution can develop appropriate strategies to achieve your vision, establish mechanisms to monitor implementation, and select the appropriate tools to measure performance against the plan. Moreover we can support your efforts to link the strategic plan to operational plans as well as resource allocation and assessment processes.

Strategic Resource Allocation (Program Prioritization)

One of the major challenges facing higher education institutions is ensuring that they're deploying resources in the most effective manner possible. Too often, institutions find themselves investing in activities that no longer contribute to their success. Using holistic criteria, Campus Strategies can facilitate a proven process for the comprehensive examination of every campus activity to identify those that should be reduced or discontinued. Once accomplished, this frees up resources that can be redirected toward high performing or high potential areas. This process has been used successfully at dozens of institutions to support the implementation of strategic plans, respond to a looming financial crisis, or initiate data-based decision making to affect future resource allocation activities.

Resource Management Model Development

Many institutions recognize that the historical resource management principles, with extensive reliance on incremental/decremental budgeting, are inadequate to support today's dynamic operating environments. Large numbers of institutions are undertaking efforts to reshape their approach to resource management. The most successful results occur with transparent, participative processes that engage the community to develop a model that creates incentives for the institution's desired behaviors. Whether the desired model is one based on responsibility center, performance-based, or formula principles, Campus Strategies can facilitate the development of new models of resource management for both operational and capital purposes.

Operational Assessment

Campus Strategies has the expertise and experience needed to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all facets of the finance and administration operations. These projects are frequently undertaken when leadership turnover (e.g., president, chief financial officer) occurs because they provide an independent assessment of these essential support operations. The product of these engagements is a series of manageable recommendations designed to enhance the units' performance in support of the primary missions of teaching & learning, research & creative scholarship, and public service.


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